With sous vide you completely redefine enjoyment and taste.

Sous vide for the professional kitchen

Prepare high-quality aromatic meals several days in advance.

With sous vide cooking you can serve your guests with food, which has authentic inherent taste and natural texture. You are not only offering them the optimum taste experience but also food, which always meets the highest quality standards. And the best thing is: Cooking under vacuum makes your working processes easier to plan, and you can cook with less time pressure and without risk. And with sous vide you work more profitably.

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meat dish cooked via sous vide

Excellent quality

The authentic inherent taste and natural texture of the food are retained; the food is tender and succulent when presented at the table. Nothing becomes crusty or dries out.

Water bath with thermostat from MULTIVAC

Quick preparation

You can pre-cook the most important meal components and then simply store them. You only need to regenerate, garnish the food before serving it.

dessert cooked via sous vide

Optimise your processes

Cooking under vacuum makes your working processes easier to plan, and you can cook with less time pressure and without risk. You can buy raw materials when the quality and price are right.

MULTIVAC sous vide products: vacuum chamber machines,  water bath with thermostat, pouches and accessories

MULTIVAC chamber machines: the basis for sous vide

Benefit from our know-how

Packaging has been our profession since 1961. You will find MULTIVAC packaging machines wherever there is a need for reliable and absolutely hygienic packing – for example in the food industry or with medical products. More than 120,000 machines sold to date are clear proof of the trust placed in us by our customers in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Continual innovation is an important foundation for our sustained success: viewing windows, sloping inserts, double-seam sever sealing, program memory and ease of operation have all proved themselves in industrial-scale, high-output operation, and they will guarantee perfect functionality in your kitchen as well.

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Packing sausages

High vacuum for optimum results

MULTIVAC’s table-top and free-standing vacuum chamber machines enable the vacuum value, which is required for sous vide applications, to be achieved reliably and reproducibly. They also have a very high level of seal quality. The pouches remain sealed during cooking, storage and regenerating. Products with liquids can also be vacuum packed without problems in MULTIVAC chamber machines.

Packed shrimps

Simple cleaning – reliable hygiene

Hygiene is the most important aspect in the kitchen. This is particularly so, if meat and fish are being cooked at low temperatures, as is the case with sous vide. Thanks to their special design, MULTIVAC’s chamber machines are ideally suited to the sous vide procedure. The MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ also enables them to be used in production environments, which have the highest hygiene requirements.

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